Our Vision

Belong, Grow, Engage

We believe God is calling Living Faith Chapel to be a vibrant community of believers where people can belong, grow in Jesus and engage the world with God’s love.


As a church we are called to embody God’s love by cultivating authentic, personal relationships with one another: our families, our communities, and our world. We want others to know that they belong to God and are loved by Him.


Through Scripture, prayer, worship, forgiveness, ministry, witness and relationship God teaches us how to live in Him and for Him as his disciples and image-bearers in His world. We grow in Jesus.


We want to equip and empower each person for life purpose and God’s calling. We want to be active in our communities, being prepared to interact and transform our cultural context through a prayerful, personal presence. We desire to engage the world with God’s love; able to extend and express the missional movement of Christ’s Church by incarnating the Gospel in our community and world.